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We are using artificial intelligence to enhance the comprehension of your visual  environment

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Computer vision process

The three key points of our Computer Vision solutions

Data Capture

Video streams are recorded from any sources on a vast majority of devices. Functions on pictures too 📷

Data Processing

Image streams or pictures are processed trough A.I software based on different kinds of algorithms : from basic image processing to deep learning technology 🧠

KPI Extraction

Cleaned and analyzed data is then transformed into indicators and relevant metrics, based on your requirements and expectations 📊


A-Z solution for environment analysis

From the capture of images to the creation of metrics, Gfi can build and manage a global solution to monitor and give you relevant visual insight on your environment.

State of the art image processing

From your needs, our image processing team can build the right balanced approach mixing classical determinists algorithms and advanced machine learning models.

Taylored-made element selection

A panel of 20+ algorithms (Colour, speed, motion, forms…) can be selected in order to identify behaviors or objects you’re interested in on your recordings.

Edge Computing

Running image processes locally is a crucial point in many use cases. Our solutions are designed to be compliant with distributed architectures.

DataSet Maker

Datasetmaker is the part of the solution that allows you to manage huge volume of raw pictures in order to clean, labelized, classify them. Mandatory step to start the deep learning process.

KPI and metrics production on demand

Transforming the raw datas into graphic and understandable data is a key-point of the process. We emphasize on the format and the nature of metrics you are requesting.

Process on local, monitore on global

Edge computing serving computer vision 
Why would you send heavy raw streams of video to your process unit ? We chose to process our streams through a distributed edge architecture technology in order to make the stream workflow faster, cheaper and more efficient.

Vision Learn latest news

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May 29, 2019

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